J. Mac Holladay

“As a professional who has spent over forty years working on local and state community and economic development, I’ve watched infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and small business development remain low priorities in America. We used to prioritize water, sewer, power, and transportation access. Now broadband is key. If people don’t have access to high-speed internet, they cannot compete. Sadly, most states have done little to fix this problem. The same can be said of access to capital for small businesses and quality early education, as very few programs speak to these primary needs. This reality flies in the face of the fact that startups and small businesses represent the number one job creator in America and that improved education is a vital component of the future workforce.

Fisher and James understand these issues and have outlined many positive suggestions that Democrats can rely on. The Opportunity Agenda is a serious effort to grow quality jobs and a must-read.”

—J. Mac Holladay founder and CEO, Market Street Services

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